We offer training and consulting about R, statistics, data wrangling and visualisation for everyone.

Outside academia

We do a fair a bit of training and consulting outside academia. We do this for two main reasons:

If you are interested, please contact us.


Our technical expertise lies in R programming (including package development), data wrangling (in R), data visualisation (with or without R) and data analysis (in particular: traditional statistical tests, generalised linear models, mixed models, spatial analyses, survival analyses, random forests, individual-based simulations).

Yet as long as we feel competent enough to be useful, we are happy to offer consulting or training on any topic.

We always customise the content of training sessions to match the tasks and requirements of the client.

Here are some representative examples of the training & consulting we are currently providing:

Just write to us and we will happily put you in contact with people we worked with for you to get direct feedback on how they perceived our work.

Pricing and the Robin Hood model

Our pricing depends on the content, as well as on the number and identity of both the members from our team and the client’s.

If the work is for a for-profit company, our default protocol is to request the company to either pay our hosting institution (the IZW) or to pay one of the non-profit foundations we work with. In both cases, the money is used by us as third party support for our research. We call this the Robin Hood model, but this is hardly stealing: we remain very competitive compared to fees asked by equally qualified freelancers out there.

If the work is related to wildlife conservation or other activities we consider as highly beneficial to society as a whole, we try to provide a discount.

For a quote, please contact us.


Our availability is what constrains the amount of consulting we do. We can arrange regular short consultations or block consulting for a duration of up to 10 days, but we cannot offer more. If you need more, just contact us and we will attempt to connect you to former members of the group and other people we know and trust who have become freelancers.

Within academia

We do not consult within academia with the exception of our local colleagues and students, as well as users of the methods we develop.

Instead, we favour genuine collaborations where our role is not limited to performing the data analysis of someone else’s project.

If you are interested, please contact us.

We also teach both at the IZW and at the FU (see teaching for details).